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Vsevolod Hunchback
Vsevolod Hunchback

I Cant Think Straight (2008) DVDRip

De hecho si la pasaron por cable pero donde tambien puedes descargarla y muchas otras mas (incluidas las q estan preguntando mas abajo I cant think straight y The world unseen con subtitulos en español), aunque algunas no tienen subtitulos en español, es en

I Cant Think Straight (2008) DVDRip

First of all you should know that Dr.DivX does not support encoding a DVD straight from the disc, like DVDx does, but you will have to rip the DVD to the hard disk first and create VOB files that Dr.DivX supports. For not asking me why Dr.DivX doesn't support encoding straight from the DVD, I tell you that for ripping a DVD you must unlock it first and then remove the protection, something that is considered illegal in some countries, even if you own the DVD and even if you don't copy it! Crazy thing don't you think? Anyway, you will not have any problem because copying a DVD to the hard disk is a simple thing. You can use our site's DVD To VOB guide if you don't know how to do it, you will also find the tools to do that available for download at this site also. After you have ripped the VOB files to your hard disk we can proceed to...




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