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The Black Sox are a trusted name and source for professional teams to obtain players because we are truthful and honest in our opinions and scouting reports and because our players have performed on the field. We prepare players physically, emotionally, and mentally, putting them in a position to succeed.


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In 2015 the Black Sox played spring training games against some of the top professional leagues in the US. Through these games, we signed the majority of our pitching staff and half of our position players. In Sioux Falls, we signed Nate Stewart. In Joplin, we Matt Parish signed with the Blasters. Just as importantly, because our players were able to showcase their skills, 4 of the players who showcased in May ended up going to Joplin mid-summer. 3 of them finished the season there.

In California, the Black Sox went undefeated and signed our shortstop and 2 relief pitchers on the trip. 2 other players were later called back and finish the season in the Pacific Association. Because of the trip, teams trusted our decisions, which opened the door for dozens of other players throughout the year to get picked up.

Divisions are available for all ages and abilities from 7 & Under to 75+ and include opportunities for adaptive, military, and first responder players. All events offer players the option to play for money and/or points to earn a spot in the annual World Championship.

The PBA will conclude its 2014 campaign with five championship tournaments and two special events in World Series of Bowling VI at South Point in Las Vegas, followed by the Japan Cup and PBA International-World Bowling Tour events in Korea, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, which means that between November 2014 and the end of 2015, PBA Tour players will compete for 37 titles and nearly $4 million in prize money.

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Fantasy Week 1ScoreboardHaddonfield Hackers (0-0)Shary Border Patrol (0-0)evenSteubenville Big Red (0-0)Boom City Beer Guys (0-0)evenLenDale's Bong Water (0-0)Fairport WindIANs (0-0)evenCamp Randall Ragnarok (0-0)C-Town Baby Daddies (0-0)evenLakewood Pride (0-0)Euclid Ave Maniax (0-0)evenW116th Express (0-0)Columbus Drunks (0-0)evenStandingsTeamRoscoeWLSteubenville Big Red00Euclid Ave Maniax00Shary Border Patrol00Camp Randall Ragnarok00TeamCooterWLColumbus Drunks00C-Town Baby Daddies00Haddonfield Hackers00Fairport WindIANs00TeamCleatusWLW116th Express00Lakewood Pride00LenDale's Bong Water00Boom City Beer Guys00span.HeadshotSmall margin: 10px 0px 10px 10px; float:right; Player NotesTee Higgins Apr 1 1:10am ETCincinnati Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins continues to operate without a new contract, despite months of extension talks. The wideout doesn't seem concerned, though, as he discussed the situation on The Pat McAfee Show. "I'm not really worried about the contract," said Higgins. "Obviously, I want to get a deal done." The 24-year-old had a productive 2022-23 campaign, amassing 74 catches for 1,029 yards and seven touchdowns. Cincinnati recently began contract negotiations with quarterback Joe Burrow, so it's likely he's the focal point. However, it would be surprising if the organization couldn't reach an agreement with a player who could easily be the No. 1 receiving option for nearly every club around the NFL.

Free-agent tight end Pharaoh Brown has signed a one-year deal with the Indianapolis Colts. The 28-year-old has bounced between the Houston Texans and Cleveland Browns since 2019. Over his career, Brown has 51 receptions, 478 yards, and two touchdowns in 55 games. He'll join Mo Alie-Cox, Kylen Granson, and Jelani Woods in the tight end room. None of these players have run away with a starting gig in Indy. Brown will probably end up as a depth player.

New England Patriots quarterback Bill Belichick remained non-committal during the owners meetings this week on whether quarterback Mac Jones will be the starter in 2023. "Everybody will get a chance to play. We'll play the best players," Belichick said when asked if it was fair to say that both Jones and Bailey Zappe will be competing for the job in training camp over the summer. Jones, a former first-rounder, took a big step back in 2022 in his sophomore season, but the fact that the team spent so much draft capital on him likely will mean he's still the favorite to start to open the 2023 season. The addition of offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien this year should have fantasy managers cautiously optimistic that Jones can bounce back, but he shouldn't be considered anything more than a low-end QB2.

Dynasty According to PFF, Bryce Young should be the first quarterback selected in the 2023 NFL Draft Dynasty Analysis: With most signs still pointing to C.J. Stroud being selected first-overall, PFF cites multiple metrics and two years of unquestionable statistics which paint Young very favorably as a should-be top selection. If not for size concerns, it's no stretch to suggest Young would run-away with the honor, but at 5'10" and a questionable 204 lbs., the belief is that the prototypical size of Stroud makes for a safer selection. The Panthers hold the top selection and have refused to rule out Young as their pick, so anything is possible, including trading away the position if they are equally smitten with both players, though that is unlikely after trading up for the right to choose. Young has slipped to DLF's QB2 behind only Stroud.

The first baseball cards were trade cards printed in the late 1860s by a sporting goods company, around the time baseball became a professional sport.[7] Most of the baseball cards around the beginning of the 20th century came in candy and tobacco products. It was during this era that the most valuable baseball card ever printed was produced - the T206 tobacco card featuring Honus Wagner.[8] The T206 Set, distributed by the American Tobacco Company in 1909, is considered by collectors to be the most popular set of all time.[9] In 1933, Goudey Gum Company of Boston issued baseball cards with players biographies on the backs and was the first to put baseball cards in bubble gum.[10] The 1933 Goudey set remains one of the most popular and affordable vintage sets to this day.[11] Bowman Gum of Philadelphia issued its first baseball cards in 1948.

In 2000, Topps launched a brand of sports cards, called etopps. These cards were sold exclusively online through individual IPO's (initial player offering) in which the card is offered for usually a week at the IPO price. That same year, Tokenzone launched a digital collectibles platform that was used by media companies to distribute content in the form of digital trading cards. The quantity sold depended on how many people offered to buy but was limited to a certain maximum. After a sale, the cards were held in a climate-controlled warehouse unless the buyer requests delivery, and the cards could be traded online without changing hands except in the virtual sense. In January 2012, Topps announced that they would be discontinuing their eTopps product line.[23]

In 2012, Topps also launched their first phone application. Topps Bunt was an app that allowed users to connect with other fans in a fantasy league type game environment wherein they can collect their favorite players, earn points based on how well they play and trade and compete with other fans. Three years later, the same company launched a digital experiment in Europe (geotargeted to exclude the USA) with its Marvel Hero Attax, using digital as an overlay to its physical product.[28]

Sports card is a generic term for a trading card with a sports-related subject, as opposed to non-sports trading cards that deal with other topics. Sports cards were among the earliest forms of collectibles. They typically consist of a picture of a player on one side, with statistics or other information on the reverse. Cards have been produced featuring most major sports, especially those played in North America, including, but not limited to, American football, association football (soccer), baseball, basketball, boxing, golf, ice hockey, racing and tennis.

Sets of cards are issued with each season for major professional sports. Since companies typically must pay players for the right to use their images, the vast majority of sports cards feature professional athletes. Amateurs appear only rarely, usually on cards produced or authorized by the institution they compete for, such as a college.

The proliferation of cards saturated the market, and by the late 1990s, card companies began to produce scarcer versions of cards to keep many collectors interested. The latest trends in the hobby have been "game used memorabilia" cards, which usually feature a piece of a player's jersey worn in a real professional game; other memorabilia cards include pieces of bats, balls, hats, helmets, and floors. Authenticated autographs are also popular, as are "serially numbered" cards, which are produced in much smaller amounts than regular "base set cards".

Autographs obtained by card manufacturers have become the most collected baseball cards in the hobby's history. This started in 1990 in baseball when Upper Deck randomly inserted autographs of Reggie Jackson into boxes. They are commonly referred to as "Certified Autographed Inserts" or "CAI's". Both the athlete's and card company's reputations are on the line if they do not personally sign these cards. This has created the most authentic autographs in existence.[citation needed] These cards all have some form of printed statements that the autographs are authentic, this way, no matter who owns the autograph there is no question of its authenticity. CAI's have branched out into autographs of famous actors, musicians, Presidents, and even Albert Einstein. Mostly these autographs are cut from flat items such as postcards, index cards, and plain paper. Then they are pasted onto cards. In 2001, a company called Playoff started obtaining autographs on stickers that are stuck on the cards instead of them actually signing the cards. There is strong opposition against these types of autographs because the players never even saw the cards that the stickers were affixed to.[citation needed] 041b061a72




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