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Vsevolod Hunchback
Vsevolod Hunchback

Watch The Movie Dear V S Bear !!LINK!!

The director seems to have employed all the tricks and tips from movies of various genres to make this one. You will see the lead actor hanging and doing Tarzan-like stunts, playing soccer like real sportsmen and fighting off the wildest and scariest bear like a hulk.

Watch The Movie Dear V S Bear

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  • Megalopolitan Life

  • 2001

  • Best Movie Theater SnacksHarkins Theatres dnLoadScript(" ", true); Yummy and cheap. Those two factors give the nod to Harkins. While not quite at the haute-cuisine level of the trendiest California movie concessions stands, Harkins does offer a nice specialty-coffee selection, hot dogs, nachos and plenty o' candies. But the deals on basics are steals: Buy a large drink for $3.50 and get $1 refills the rest of the year when you bring back your souvenir cup. Buy a large bag of popcorn for $4.25 and get one free refill. And if you don't mind being a Harkins geek, wear your $20 Harkins tee shirt for free popcorn all year round. Given that the price of good eats at most theaters can easily exceed the price of admission, the deals are enough to hearken to Harkins.if (typeof apntag === 'object') apntag.anq.push(function() if (typeof Foundation.ApnAds.fillAds === 'function') Foundation.ApnAds.fillAds())Best Of Phoenix

  • Megalopolitan Life

  • 2001

  • Best Place For Smokers, Strippers, Swappers And SoothsayersGene's Hickory Smoked BBQ dnLoadScript(" ", true); It's like a Disneyland of debauchery here: Not only does Gene's serve up some mighty tasty hickory-smoked barbecue, but it shares space with a topless bar, a flea market and a psychic. This gleaming white trailer sits in the parking lot of the Candy Store exotic dance club, an ambitious piece of asphalt that's also home to Paradise Valley Swap Meet. But not only is this a bargain mecca, it's run by folks who happily read our palms while we take a break from shopping. Oh, and if we've got an important document to be notarized, they do that, too.Gene makes his 'cue from scratch, smoking tender brisket, beef, pork, pork ribs and chicken (breast, of course) for 10 hours. The thick, sweet sauce is Gene's own creation, too. He says the recipe is a secret, but we've been thinking we might be able to work out a deal with the on-site psychic.if (typeof apntag === 'object') apntag.anq.push(function() if (typeof Foundation.ApnAds.fillAds === 'function') Foundation.ApnAds.fillAds())Best Of Phoenix

  • Megalopolitan Life

  • 2001

  • Best Eye JobGovernor Jane Dee Hull dnLoadScript(" ", true); When we first heard about Governor Hull's most significant accomplishment this past summer -- getting her eyes done -- we smirked. Jeez, lady, you don't need to go under the knife, we thought. Some scissors and a bottle of Clairol will do just fine. Really, no one's looking at your eyes -- who could, after being blinded by your fire-engine helmet head?Then we saw the governor on television, post-cut.Wow, great job! Can we get the name of the surgeon? As one observer remarked, "Yeah, Governor Hull got an eye job -- all over her face."Okay, so she really got a face lift; don't all politicians lie? Who cares, she looks fabulous! Who would have guessed that Jane Hull was a slave to the mirror?Now if you'd just pay as much attention to the state of the state as you did to the state of your sags, Guv.if (typeof apntag === 'object') apntag.anq.push(function() if (typeof Foundation.ApnAds.fillAds === 'function') Foundation.ApnAds.fillAds())Best Of Phoenix

  • Megalopolitan Life

  • 2001

  • Best Hole In The Sky"Knight Rise" dnLoadScript(" ", true); It's easy to scoff at the thought of staring up at the sky through a hole in a building not much bigger than an outhouse. But this best new view -- named after the museum's former director, Robert Knight, and created by artist James Turrell and architect William Bruder -- reveals the delicious spins that great artists can put on the commonplace. The elliptical room is a wide telescope that beams the eye far beyond the curved seats and walls. We recommend viewing this wonderful work at sunset. As day fades, the hole jumps to life as a medallion of changing, vivid colors. Your eyes adjust, and you find yourself staring at a deep, surprising glow of night.if (typeof apntag === 'object') apntag.anq.push(function() if (typeof Foundation.ApnAds.fillAds === 'function') Foundation.ApnAds.fillAds())Best Of Phoenix

  • Megalopolitan Life

  • 2001

  • Best Local Tourist Attraction You've Probably Never Heard OfSomewhere Over the Rainbow dnLoadScript(" ", true); Have you had it up to your disposable camera with Western-themed tourist traps featuring fake cowboy shoot-outs and chuck-wagon dinners served in mining pans?Then dare to look beyond the obvious at Somewhere Over the Rainbow, a three-acre oasis of oddities near Cave Creek and Sweetwater roads, assembled by 77-year-old retiree Gus Brethauer. He has spent the past 25 years turning his property into a glorious pack rat paradise, and these days, he gladly gives tours in return for a voluntary donation.The kids will enjoy highlights like a UFO landing pad, a prehistoric Temple of Doom, a grove of artificial Christmas trees (complete with plastic forest denizens), a "haunted" bungalow, and a mirror maze fashioned from discarded reflective surfaces. Older visitors will get a kick out of old Phoenix rubble -- decorative plastic "WP" trim from West Plaza Shopping Center and a stone gargoyle from the old Fox Theatre. Come prepared to walk (tours through the desert terrain take about two hours), and leave your disbelief at home.if (typeof apntag === 'object') apntag.anq.push(function() if (typeof Foundation.ApnAds.fillAds === 'function') Foundation.ApnAds.fillAds())Best Of Phoenix

  • Megalopolitan Life

  • 2001

  • Best Pair Of Double Entendres In A Local TV NewscastKPNX News 12 dnLoadScript(" ", true); Several months after 14-year-old Sean Botkin was arrested for holding a classroom full of Glendale elementary school students hostage at gunpoint, the boy's mother talked to reporters about his upcoming trial. An optimistic Cary Botkin said Sean's lawyer hoped to persuade the court to try her son as a juvenile, rather than as an adult, because that strategy represented "our best shot."Later in the same broadcast, Lin Sue Cooney offered an update on an effort to remove Tempe Mayor Neil Giuliano from office: Among other charges, the openly gay politico was under fire for pulling city employees' support of the United Way, which funds the anti-gay Boy Scouts of America. Commenting on Giuliano's reaction to the recall movement, Cooney told viewers that the mayor "will not go down without a fight."if (typeof apntag === 'object') apntag.anq.push(function() if (typeof Foundation.ApnAds.fillAds === 'function') Foundation.ApnAds.fillAds())Best Of Phoenix

  • Megalopolitan Life

  • 2001

  • Best Tempe-to-downtown ShortcutState Road 153 dnLoadScript(" ", true); We're trusting you not to spoil this, to tell only whom you must: The recently constructed SR 153 takes you from University Drive at Priest, past Sky Harbor Airport, and over to Washington Street at 44th Street in less than two minutes with zero traffic. That's it. We sometimes weave from one side of this three-lane highway to the other, just because we can. Its traffic sign announces "Sky Harbor Airport," throwing off commuters who are unaware of the pot-o'-downtown-access gold awaiting them on this road less traveled. Beware -- there's a decoy that still tricks us during some bleary-eyed mornings: Just one block east of University's 153 entrance, there's a ramp to the 143 -- a potentially fatal error that launches you straight into the road-rage hell of Interstate 10.if (typeof apntag === 'object') apntag.anq.push(function() if (typeof Foundation.ApnAds.fillAds === 'function') Foundation.ApnAds.fillAds())Best Of Phoenix

  • Megalopolitan Life

  • 2001

  • Best Place To Have A Seinfeld ExperienceKohnie's dnLoadScript(" ", true); On Seinfeld, Elaine was so smitten by the Soup Nazi's offerings that she withstood his abuse and capricious behavioral requirements. We won't go so far as to imply a Scone Nazi exists in the Valley, but let's just say you do what you have to do to get what you need at Kohnie's. Kohnie's scones are so good -- they're usually gone by 8 a.m. -- that they tend to inspire irrational loyalty and perseverance in customers. Kohnie, the proprietor, is gleefully unapologetic when he runs out of scones or whatever else you're craving. A "regular" who walks in after you will get served first -- you got a problem with that? And then there's the matter of the no-man's-land time between breakfast and lunch when you can't have either. Just a bowl of granola, please? I can see it from here, sitting in that jar, no cooking needed, you plead. Nope, breakfast is over, Kohnie grunts. Okay, what about a sandwich? No can do, says Kohnie triumphantly; lunch doesn't start for 20 more minutes. Defeated, you walk away. You'd better learn the rules if you want to eat here. (But once you do, it's worth it.)if (typeof apntag === 'object') apntag.anq.push(function() if (typeof Foundation.ApnAds.fillAds === 'function') Foundation.ApnAds.fillAds())Best Of Phoenix2022

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Home DepotBest Art House Movie TheaterValley Art TheatreBest Discount Movie TheaterTempe CinemasBest Scottsdale Branch Of A Thailand WhorehouseGiligin'sBest Tourist TrapRawhide Western Town and SteakhouseBest Web Site Devoted To A Local Celebritywww.acquanetta.comBest Spanish-language News Radio StationKNAI-FM 88.3Best Place To People-watchTerminal Four at Sky Harbor International AirportBest Mobile Masseuse Who Does Ear Coning, Feng Shui And AromatherapyHolly KishBest Place To Hug A HyenaOut of Africa Wildlife ParkBest Place To Spend Saturday Night In Your CarScottsdale Six Drive-InBest Place To Open A Business If You're Not Good With NamesDowntown MesaBest Couch ArtZ GallerieBest Museum Of Contemporary ArtArizona State University Art MuseumBest Place For A First KissThe Vintage MarketBest-decorated Dentist OfficeWill Hoskyns, D.D.S.Best Professional Athlete (Team Sport)Luis GonzalezBest BaseballArizona Fall League BaseballBest Radio CommentaryGregg Paul's Politically Incorrect Touching MomentBest Standup TV ReporterBlair Meeks Best TV NewscasterJohn HookBest Place To Be Dear To A BearSouthwest Wildlife Rehabilitation and Educational FoundationBest Place To Hang With ElvisCasino ArizonaBest Movie Theater SnacksHarkins TheatresBest Place For Smokers, Strippers, Swappers And SoothsayersGene's Hickory Smoked BBQBest Eye JobGovernor Jane Dee HullBest Hole In The Sky"Knight Rise"Best Local Tourist Attraction You've Probably Never Heard OfSomewhere Over the RainbowBest Pair Of Double Entendres In A Local TV NewscastKPNX News 12Best Tempe-to-downtown ShortcutState Road 153Best Place To Have A Seinfeld ExperienceKohnie'sBest Place To Find BuddhaOriental Factory DirectBest College For A Major In Jin Shin JyutsuSouthwest Institute of Healing ArtsBars & ClubsReaders' ChoicesBest Bar For ConversationRoyal Palms InnBest Sports BarMcDuffy'sBest Pool HallPink E's Fun Food SpiritsBest Place To Wait A Long Time For A TableBar BiancoBest Gay BarAmsterdamBest Punk Rock BarBlue OxBest Place To Play ScrabbleThe Thirsty Camel at the PhoenicianBest Hip-hop NightO'Mally's Sports, Spirits and GrillBest Place To Smoke A CigarThe Famous DoorBest Twilight DrinkAcacia - Four Seasons ResortBest Bar FoodFour Peaks Brewing CompanyBest Upscale Bar FoodRoaring ForkBest CocktailMerc BarBest Place For Girls To Have FunThe Emerald LoungeGoods / ServicesReaders' ChoicesBest Haberdashery/Music StoreCharles Men's Clothes and AccessoriesBest Place to Get LitCandle and Gift Factory OutletBest SwimwearTrianglesBest Fabric StoreSAS Fabrics by the PoundBest Old Tools And New TelescopesPhoton Instruments and the St. James Bay Tool CompanyBest Barber ShopSimon's Barber ShopBest Hair StylistMichelle Lombardi Applause SalonBest SpaThe Centre for Well-Being at the PhoenicianBest PedicureCarrie O'HareBest Wax JobWaxing by Jennifer Ann TumoloBest Art For Under $1,000Art OneBest Electronics StoreFry's ElectronicsBest Head ShopThe HeadquartersBest Antique MallBrass ArmadilloBest Hidden TreasuresSageBest Massage Oil For Pregnant WomenLotions and PotionsBest Place To Be A BoboAnthropologieBest Magazine SelectionBorders Books & MusicBest Comic Book StoreAll About Books & ComicsBest Collectible Book StoreBook GalleryBest Collectibles StorePop Culture ClassicsBest Adult VideosCastle MegastoreBest Place To Buy Something For The Person Who Has EverythingScottsdale Center for the Arts Museum StoreBest '70s VintagePlush LivingBest Audiotape RepairBCC2000 Tom BrightwellBest Canine Day SpaIt's a Ruff Life! Dog Daycare and Activity CenterBest Place To Find An Apartment If You Have A Big DogApartment ExpertsBest Way To Feed Your Pet Without Getting Up Off The ReclinerThe Pet PantryBest Place To Watch Your Dog Foam At The MouthThe Dog WashBest Ten-dollar-a-dozen RosesCommunity FloristBest Place To Get Your GoatDarlyn PygmiesBest Blast-from-the-past Personal ShoppersGo-Kat-GoBest Down-to-earth Yoga TeacherInstructor Candace RoseBest Way To Shop From Behind The WheelBashas' Drive-Through GroceryBest Thrift Store For Cool Vintage StuffUnique ThriftBest Bait ShopLiar's KornerBest Place To Outfit Your Inner SurvivalistLarada's Army Surplus StoreBest Hobby Shop For The Model CitizenThe Hobby BenchBest Costume/Novelty ShopBert Easley's Fun ShopBest Place To Re-range Your Gas StoveAppliance Service and WarehouseBest Bike ShopLandis CycleryBest Women's Dressing RoomNeiman MarcusBest Men's Dressing RoomNeiman MarcusBest Athletic ShoesRunner's DenBest Comfortable ShoesShoe MillBest Thrift StoreSaversBest Zany Vintage Clothes, All ErasSpineBest Bead ShopBeads Galore International, Inc.Best Bridal RegistryCrate & BarrelBest High-style Modern FurnishingsUrban EaseBest Party SuppliesParty CityBest Hardware StoreParadise True Value HardwareBest Piercing StudioHTC Body PiercingBest Counter Help In A Copy ShopLena FloresBest Place To Please Your Pooch's PalateThree Dog BakeryBest Remedy For "I'm Too Pooped To Cook"Delicious DeliveriesBest Place To Get IncensedHippie GypsyBest Little Plastic Stuff You Didn't Know You NeededABC Cakes, Decorating and Party SuppliesBest Place To Buy A Shirt With The Name "Chet" Embroidered On ItJohnny's Used Work UniformsBest Bridal BouquetMichelle's Design CompanyBest NurseryBerridge NurseryBest Place To Get Into A LatherBailiwicks Soap and SundriesBest Tire StoreDiscount Tire Co.Best Kitchen GadgetsSur La TableBest LaundromatSpin CycleFood & DrinkReaders' ChoicesReaders' ChoicesReaders' ChoiceReaders' ChoicesReaders' ChoicesBest TortillasLa SonorenseBest Cheap Mexican FoodGuedo's Taco ShopBest Day Of The Dead CraftsMuseo ChicanoBest MargaritaEl Encanto Mexican CafeBest Mexican TakeoutAlbuqu




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