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Mateo Bell
Mateo Bell

Resetter Printer Canon IP1500, IP1700, IP1300, IP1000, I255 Service Tool [Mediafire] [2021]

Downloaded the ImageView64and had no issues, just start it and do a test print. Place it back in the tools and it stated that the Printer Driver Support Document wasnt found. Please check the location of the Support Document and ensure that it is there, then try again. If you are still unable to find the support document, please contact Canon for assistance. There are no End User Error Documents for this product, so you may have gotten to the support document but simply lack the necessary details to complete the tasks.

Resetter Printer Canon iP1500, iP1700, iP1300, iP1000, i255 Service Tool [Mediafire]

So after being bit by the reseter I downloaded it and ran it however it didnt work on my printer. I have a canon IP550. When I select the printer IP550 it shows up on my list and continues the options but then it states unable to connect. When I click ok it displays this message. Unable to connect to the the selected printer IP550. Are you sure the printer is on and turned on? The network was working fine and still is but when I connected the USB cable to my computer it says unable to connect. I tried it with a different printer IP4400, I had the same problem. It wont connect or show up in my list. I have done everything I can think of to try to fix this problem.

I have a canon ip1500, iP1700, iP1300, iP1000, and i255 service tool for my printer. I started the reset pritner tool and selected the ip1500, the firmware went to the next screen and then the error poped up stating the scanner port could not be detected. I restarted and it wouldnt let me go back to the factory settings. I then selected the printer iP1700, the same thing happened and it went through the steps of the ip1500 but when I restarted it went to the factory settings. I selected the iP1300 and the same thing happend. Finally I selected the iP1000 and it worked fine, with no updates. The printer is brand new. Is there a solution?




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