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Mateo Bell
Mateo Bell

Dark Souls 2 Trainer Pc Fling Mo ##HOT##

---(Jyuto Iruma)---Answer my questions one by oneRising tension, frictionI don't want any of thatTrembling and cowed, sweat beading on your browYou don't have the balls to get yourselfOut of the mess you're in nowYour chances are one percentGuess I should compliment you for trying anyhowHow audacious, making these outrageous jokesYou comedians belong in the can---(Doppo Kannonzaka)---I might be trash but don't mess with meMy agenda is victoryLosing would be a disgrace, you seeProstrating myself is no longer the keyTogether with hopes of us threeMy frozen heart has melted alreadyEver since I was a little kiddieMy weapon's been that I don't quit anythingUntil I'm bored and over itIt's already the last train, last stationA train that sells your soulBoogie down to the end!---(Rio Mason Busujima)---Those clinging to their crumbling dreamsIn a city full of dark depravityLet me be plain here, I'm your new trainerTo a Spartan boot camp you've gained admittanceBut your ideal selves are still in the distanceDo you, trash, understand?There's no path of least resistanceOnly those with the perseverance To overcome any hindranceAre soldiers worthy of today's victory---(Hifumi Izanami)---The lyrics scribbled on the backs of receiptsAre the signature of my sincerityGoing in blind, tackling these days with temerityYou don't know what libido means?Matenro, such a tight combo, tighter than a viseA lifeline as we climb unprecedented heightsMy comrades' names will be first on everybody's lipsWhen they're talking about the hottest gossip---(Jyuto Iruma)---You kids who grew up in the dumb, maroonedWhere friendship meant licking each other's woundsListen up, a loser's walk home is filled with squalorHave someone help you take off that collar?---(Rio Mason Busujima)---Your firepower is as weak as your backbone, misterFlattering your comrades is a mistake, you know?So before we pull the triggerWhy don't I silence that yammering windpipe for you, just in case---(Hifumi Izanami)---Roger that, I might not have enough powerBut I'll still rocket launch my feelings straight from the gutI'm seriously serious, I'm here lacing upThe ties that bind us like sutures sewing up a cut---(Doppo Kannonzaka)---Dr. Jakurai is a hemostatHe certainly did say thatHe chose us, even though there's nothing we're good atSo we duel to repay him in no time flat---(Jyuto Iruma)---Rendering us speechless? Simply speciousNothing but dogmatism from a bombastic buffoon---(Rio Mason Busujima)---Overemphasize cooperation, coordination error"Target's mind confirmed empty", that means you're dead, clear as can be!---(Jakurai Jinguji)---Living things both great and smallProof that you're the chosen of them allThe innocent look of a foalBut a gaze that is nonetheless thoughtful---(Samatoki Aohitsugi)---A spider's thread to salvationTempting like an opioidThis scam you're runningHas gone on for too long, Doc!In this stagnant atmosphere it's like baby talkIn a sad and sorry kindergarten on this blue marbleOnly a rhyme can triumph over power and capitalThese weak blows don't even tickle, noI ain't messing around, no!Ain't this a deathmatch, no?---(Jakurai Jinguji)---True, it is almost like a medicineTo ease the pain of original sinThere is no excuse to makeBut I have faith in the new age Matenro will create---(Samatoki Aohitsugi)---To your con-artist verses I say Hasta La Vista, babyAnd after today these bonds will be wiped away---(Jyuto Iruma)---If you have any last words, say them before they go unheardSince my point-blank bullets will permanently shut your trap---(Rio Mason Busujima)---MTC firing off RPGsYour flimsy armor won't protect your vulnerabilities---(Samatoki Aohitsugi)---We're aiming to take forciblyAll your hopes and dreamsNo matter how strong your bondWe'll ensnare you with rhymes like these---(Doppo Kannonzaka)---You're running a little hot, MTCThat smug complacency on your faces is just painful to see---(Hifumi Izanami)---You're too angry, like little babiesTo put it simply, you're addicted to brutality---(Jakurai Jinguji)---Profit matters not to meAll who ail, I'll gladly seeAll the same, I'll need your historyI am the MC---(Doppo Kannonzaka)---Selflessly at his patients' sideThe good doctor will heal the world certainly---(Hifumi Izanami)---Egocentricity is like a diseaseSo we'll topple you with ease---(Samatoki Aohitsugi)---Addicted? You're really dead now!First I'll snap off your two little lightning rodsYou recovered awful quickBut I don't put a damper on things 'cause I'm on fireNever gave a damn about human lifeYour concern for the weak is something I despiseLove can't change who lives and who diesIt's just cardiac arrest causing your demise---(Jakurai Jinguji)---You dream of strength when all life is but a dreamI implore you, listen to me, Samatoki-kunIn order that I might honor these bonds of mineToday, I, Jakurai, shall bare my fangsThe horse, rabbit, and bush warblerBurn their bodies in the pyreAs a sacrifice to the wolvesMatenro shall consume their flesh and soulsOur bites are not for sportFor we are the divine lupine

Dark Souls 2 Trainer Pc Fling Mo




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